Radiator Repairs /Exchanges

Repair or exchange Radiators (pipe work, Valves and Labour only)


Bleed Radiators                                                                                          £50

Bleeding radiators once a year helps to eliminate air bubbles that can build up in heating system pipes. This can cause cold spots on radiators, a reduced surface area will mean you'll need more heat to maintain room temperature which unfortunately means higher energy bills.
All radiators in the property will be inspected for cold spots, all bled, Water levels checked in system and topped up if needs be.


Fix Radiator Leak                                                                                       £50 - £60

Depending on where the leak is this may include draining the system and/or replacing valves.
Radiator will be tested for leaks, bled and system topped up if needed.


Radiator Removed isolated for decorating                                             £80

System drained, pipes isolated to allow decorating.
Price includes return to refit radiator, check for leaks, bleed and top up system if needed.


Replace radiator like for like/ towel rail same width                             £105

Remove and dispose of old radiator. Hang new radiator/towel rail, check for any leaks, bleed and top up system.


Fit new Radiator                                                                                       £125 - £150

Price dependent on access to pipes
New pipe work fitted, radiator hung, Bled and system topped up.
(Carpets, floor boards etc. may have to be lifted to allow access before job commence).



Repairs to full bathroom installs (labour and pipe work only)


Toilet Won’t Flush                                                                                      From £65

Isolate water, drain cistern, repair / replace flushing valve.
(Cistern may need to be removed)


Blocked Toilet                                                                                             From £65

Blockage cleared and system tested.
(Price dependent on time to clear blockage)


Fit new appliances                                                                                     £80-£160

Pedestal Basin £80
Toilet £110
Bath £160

Including removal and disposal of old appliance. Build fit, seal and test new appliance for leaks.


Repair/replace faulty tap                                                                          £60

Isolate supply, repair or replace taps (supplied by customer) ensuring good working order and no leaks.


Fit/replace Shower                                                                                   From £100

Prices dependant on type of shower and time to install.
(An electrician may be required if not like for like swap on electric showers).


Full Bathroom Refit                                                                                From £2600

**Price includes all Materials/ Appliances.

Previous bathroom removal and disposal. Includes any tile removal and plasterboard work.
Upgrading pipework and a bathroom designed to your specification
(**All wall and floor coverings and tile work included)

**Price depends on suite used and floor/wall covering/tiles used.

Quotes available for underfloor heating




Prices include all grout and labour. Tiles supplied by customer.


Ceramic Tiles                                                                                              £25 - £30

Price is based per square metre and depends on size and style of tile. (Larger tiles are cheaper to install)


Porcelain tiles                                                                                             £30 - £35

Price is based on per square metre and depends on size and style of tile. (Larger tiles are cheaper to install.)


Tile Removal                                                                                              Up to £250/day

Price includes two men labour to remove all tiles. Plastering walls where necessary and dispose of all waste.


Wet Wall


Install (including adhesive + labour)                                                       £25 per hour

Excludes price of panels - these can be supplied at additional cost or customer can supply


Handyman jobs

For example replacing light switches, power sockets, decorating, repositioning doors, non-load bearing walls, replacing joists, flooring.


Labour                                                                                                          £20

Mileage costs are additional.

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